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Jake Owen knows exactly what you think of him."A lot of folks think I'm just the ' Beachin'' guy, I'm the fucking beach bum," says Owen, 33, seated in a booth at Rotier's restaurant, a Nashville burger-and-shake joint dating back to the Forties.Dressed in a stained short-sleeve work shirt and shorts, he certainly looks the epitome of the "right on, dude" Moondoggie.In stark contrast to his prior singles, and to the bulk of country radio's uptempo fare, the sparse "What We Ain't Got" is an unconventional choice to follow up the Number One "Beachin'." In a format where summer songs have become as plentiful as grains of sand, Owen's "Beachin'" stood out like the hot blonde on the crowded beach, thanks to his authentic, suntan-oil-smooth delivery.He sang about white caps and rising tides as if the recording session was done just steps away from the surf."What We Ain't Got," however, sounds as if it were cut in a pitch-black room, with all of Owen's fears closing in.The only alternative for the strikingly handsome husband and father? Jake: A Meryl Haggard CD, a cooler of Budweiser, and my dog. Glamour: You're about to celebrate three years of marriage to your wife, Lacey, on May 7. Jake: It has taught me how to be patient, be understanding, be fair, be a better listener, and just forgive and forget. Once you get married, it's a commitment and under God of saying "I do," and being married is not something that I think comes naturally to people because there's so many things that come along with it.

During our recent trip to Dallas for the ACM Awards, we sat down with the "Beachin'" singer to chat about his unusual start, the most important relationship lesson he's learned, and that sexy new haircut. I had a little money from playing acoustic gigs that I got paid tips. All of us can manipulate our lives for the better, so that's what I did... I started a bank account and figured why not go [to the bank] on Music Row that deals with other musicians and music-industry people, so when they ask me why I'm in town and I say, "To get something going," maybe she knows someone that can help me, and that's exactly what happened. She said you'll never be 50/50, it's always one or the other.Miranda has been linked to several guys since her break-up from Blake, and according to a new report – she is just getting started.This week’s edition of National Enquirer teases that Miranda has her sights set on Jake Owen, Chris Young, and Brett Eldredge.More than just putting money away in a bank, I wanted to start a relationship with people in town. She asked me what I did, and I told her, and she said, "I'd love to hear your music," so I gave it to her. It was weird because I literally played that scenario out in my mind. If someone is having a bad day, no matter if you want to or not, the other person needs you to lift them up, and I've learned that.By no means was I being boisterous or cocky, but you do have to believe in yourself and set out with a goal or you might not ever fulfill it. Glamour: You were just talking to Maddie and Tae before our interview, and they were sharing some stories with you. Glamour: Do you think it's harder for females to break into country music?

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He shows off a text exchange with Keith Urban in which they rave over buzzed-about purist Sturgill Simpson and reveals that he cut an entire version of his album in the voice of his hero, fellow Floridian John Anderson."If you watch his sound check, like I do almost every day, he'll play a T. Sheppard song or a Merle Haggard song note for note, singing every word and sounding just like them," says Jaren Johnston, who co-wrote five of the songs on and whose band, the Cadillac Three, has been opening for Owen for the past year. He is one of those guys who really did grow up listening to Merle and all those people.""People ask me all the time, ' Why do you do this? "They all put out great songs."While fans have been responding to "What We Ain't Got" in Owen's live set — it's a lighter/cellphone moment, Johnston has observed — the reception at ballad-averse country radio will be the real test.

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