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Another solution is to make OS Prober non-executable, among other files, making the updating of grub2 completely manual. No need to post the results here unless you have questions.It is just part of grub's osprober copying the boot info from a system that uses grub legacy and grub legacy uses a different partiiton numbering. That should be good until I update GRUB2 (or, in my case, BURG).

It reports the following errors: INFO: Indexing tv programmes (concurrent) .............. I know that the latest versions work together, but there may be other considerations in PCLinux OS. PCLOS 2008 Mini ME - I just have the above list of services running runlevel 5. PCLinux OS Mini ME - I have commented out runlevels 1, 2, 3 and 4, and disabled all the mingettys.My PCLinux OS 2008 Mini ME grub menu just has two entries LINUX and WINDOWS.I have long been performance-hungry, and I don't mind spending hours in tinkering my desktop/laptop for maximum speed and performance.I was used to tweaking systems from the time when there was only 4 MB of RAM on my brother's 386 box.

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