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Our time together feels like cloud nine and I know our love can stand the test of time.One heart, two bodies One us, two me's One love, equally divided Two hands, together as one One life, one love. Your friends, my friends--they became our friends and you and I became a couple.Our love, it makes me smile even when I am the deepest blue.

At first, it was all about demanding good grades from me (which, fine, I can understand). One night, I was going to hang out with a friend we’ll call L and a bunch of other girls.I love you so much that it makes me cry I would do anything for you, even die I wanna tell you these things if I could, if I may but it's one of those things that to you I can't say I would climb up a mountain to hear you talk I would swim the Atlantic to watch you walk I would love to tell you it would make my day It's just one of the little things that to you I can't say I wanna make you believe all the things that I feel I wanna let you know what I feel is for real I know for these feelings I'm gonna pay, but unfortunately, I can't say I look your way and almost faint It's so hard acting like a saint I would like to tell you, it would blow you away Unfortunately I can't say!As I see you in the hallway I know that I am blessed to have a girl as great as you as you are above the rest.Handsome boy loves me Our homeroom period keeps our bond We are together.I am in love; in love I say it feels so good to be this way.

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  2. At about this time independent still life schemes also start to be used for the borders of illuminated manuscripts produced in northern Europe, particularly in France and the Netherlands.