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Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters : Increasing infirmity limits Pope Fears grow for John Paul The Pope appears extremely frail during the weekly general audience in St Peter's Square at the Vatican, on October 1 2003, amid mounting concern for his health.Photograph: Massimo Sambucetti/AP: Cardinal adds to concerns over ailing Pope Address from hospital Pope John Paul II speaks at a window of his rooms of the 10th floor of Rome's Gemelli hospital on Sunday March 13 2005, after undergoing surgery to ease his breathing.After a 41-hour operation the Pope made a full recovery.Mehmet Ali Agca was arrested then pardoned in June 2000, a month after the Pope said the attempt on his life was the last of three 'secrets of Fatima', revealed to three Portuguese children who claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary's apparition in 1917.Its seat was established in the charterhouse designed and realised in the 16th century by Michelangelo within the Baths of Diocletian, which currently houses the epigraphic and the protohistoric sections of the modern museum, while the main collection of ancient art was moved to the nearby Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, acquired by the Italian state in 1981.The reconversion of the area of the ancient bath/charterhouse into an exhibition space began on the occasion of the International Exhibition of Art of 1911; this effort was completed in the 1930s.The Pope has expressed support for the rights of the Palestinians, and called for an end to the violence in the Middle East.

Photograph: STR/Reuters: Pope's Yad Vashem speech: Tears at memorial to victims Eastern promise Pope John Paul II waves after his meeting with Archbishop Christodoulos, leader of Greece's Orthodox Church, on May 4 2001.

Findings during the urban renewal of the late 19th century added to the collections.

In 1913, a ministerial decree sanctioned the division of the collection of the Museo Kircheriano among all the different museums that had been established over the last decades, such as the National Roman Museum, the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia and the Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo.

Renamed initially as the Royal Museum, the collection was intended to be moved to a Museo Tiberino (Tiberine Museum), which was never completed.

In 1901 the Italian state granted the National Roman Museum the recently acquired Collection Ludovisi as well as the important national collection of Ancient Sculpture.

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