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This they will learn from you and it is best they learn good telephone etiquette right from the start.But keep toddlers away from the phone, especially if you have a home based business.Your self-esteem reflects the core beliefs you have about yourself.

When it comes to home entertaining, 24 per cent said they would expect a gift from dinner guests, with a bottle of wine being the preferred token, compared to just three per cent who expect a gift from daytime visitors.

Let them make and receive a few “pretend” calls over a period of time.

Our Tips on Telephone Etiquette page will be useful for them too.

When it comes to guests’ furry friends, Brits are incredibly welcoming.

While 87 per cent agreed that it was bad-mannered to put your feet on other people’s furniture, 61 per cent said they would be happy for guests to let their dog curl up on the sofa.

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