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I have taken particular interest in the apple that had been offered to Adam and then fell from Heaven straight onto Newton’s head.There’s something in it, and I’m looking for that something.The sun flashed in my eyes (after all I was sitting in the dark), and it just so happened that while I was looking through the window trying to comprehend what was really going on, I didn’t see a single person.There’s nothing really strange about the fact that there are few people in a small town, and therefore not that many outdoors.Some oddly intangible ether – after all, the image takes shape only when it is projected onto something – a wall, a screen, and so on (what a vast space for the research of the physiology and anatomy of the image! I began to wonder if it was nevertheless possible to create a video work that one could touch with one’s fingers or that could be experienced through tactile contact.[…] Next year I’m planning an intervention into the Student Art Days academic conference with Šalkauskis, I already have some topics in mind.

Having heard the siren, I dropped the photograph and ran to the window.

I became intrigued by the state of expecting something completely different than I could expect.

Never before had I thought about the mode of being of a video work itself.

But at that moment I suddenly realised that a hydrogen bomb had just exploded somewhere and all the people had vanished, and the buildings remained intact. The image of those several minutes stuck in my memory so much that I remember the slightest details visually (the photograph I was developing at that moment, with a big oak in an open field; the silhouette of the tree, resembling an explosion, blackened after I left it in the developer).

And that horrifying feeling that I had gone through while waiting for my own disappearance, I think, had an influence on my relationship with the things happening around me now.

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