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If this is true, it should be easy to test the oil and measure what’s in it.

Yet, for some reason these “naturopathic” “doctors” haven’t done these tests.

While many of these issues are usually pretty harmless and common, it is important to check with your doctor if you suddenly develop these issues because it can be a sign of a more serious issue.

Each of these issues have different causes, and there is no plausible mechanism proposed for how cleaning your teeth helps cure these issues.

There isn’t any scientific studies proving any of the claims, even the ones with plausibility.

The only “studies” are the ones reviewing the Ayurveda literature or small studies from India done under that premise – and they are not very good quality. Though, there are reports of lipid pneumonia being associated with oil pulling.

Though just a hypothesis, it would be reasonable to conclude the same effect takes place in oil pulling.

The practice itself is pretty safe and not likely to cause harm.The harm here is thinking oil pulling will cure this, and maybe not finding out there is a more serious issue underlying the condition.Any time one sees the term “body detox” you should raise your doubt shields. If your body truly contained toxic levels of anything, you should seek immediate medical help.It probably does have some effect because it both provides for removing of bacteria and other material from the mouth.It also makes people think about their oral health, so it has a side effect of improved oral health because there is less skipped teeth brushing sessions.

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This week my social media feed exploded with one particular link to the trend of ” oil pulling.” While Mike Rothschild already did a great job of debunking some of the miracle claims on a Skeptoid blog last year, and Orac poked fun at it as early as 2007, I wanted to point out a few of the details both from the comment section of Mike’s post, as well as the pseudoscience claims in the link I saw this week which are both misleading and possibly dangerous. Here’s what I pointed out – of course rinsing your mouth for an extended amount of time is going to improve your oral hygiene.

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