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The aforementioned parties cannot be held responsible for any problems or damages incurred by this software.

If you do not agree with these terms then do not apply the update.

Alternatively edit "cam.cfg" and remove the line "d3d_driver_index" to restore default device usage.

Overview -------- This is an unofficial patch for Thief II: The Metal Age (T2) which updates the game from either v1.18 or newer to v1.22, providing improved support for modern hardware and correcting many known bugs.

If you have an old CD/DVD version of the game, which is older than v1.18, then you need to update it to v1.18 first.

Extract the contents of the "new_dark.zip" and "contrib.zip" archives into your T2 directory, and you are done.

IMPORTANT: The "Visual Studio 2008 SP1 C " and "Direct X End-User Runtimes (June 2010)" runtime DLLs are required to run (the Direct X ones are only required when running with DX9, which is default).

While most systems probably already have them installed, by default or through other applications and games, they can be missing on some. Visual Studio 2008 SP1 C runtimes: Direct X End-User Runtimes (June 2010):

If you don't have Open AL but you want to use it, you will have to install the Open AL libraries first (link provided below).Changes and fixes for v1.22 --------------------------- General: - fixed various smaller issues that could potentially affect stability - fixed light radius from dynamic lights on other objects so it matches light radius on terrain (instead of infinite) - fixed (or at least reduced) issue where on rare occasions it could turn AIs invulnerable and non-collidable after loading or level transition (fix may not apply to existing savegames where this already happened) - fixed bug with archive extraction failure not being detected properly in FMSel, at least for archives with unsupported compression method (like old zips using "Implode") - fixed some bugs in FMSel with localization, paths containing umlauts and other special characters, and added OGG to WAV conversion option - fixed line-of-sight check between player and flashbombs so it properly checks if the player's eyes are getting blinded and not the crotch - fixed DML parsing bug with link IDs - fixed bug with "d3d_disp_enable_atoc 1" on n Vidia where it ended up using SSAA (if available) instead of ATOC - fixed bug where filtering was applied to even pixel scaled UI in DX9 on most resolutions even when it shouldn't have - fixed a crash that could happen during loading of larger (somewhere above 100MB) mis files - added subtitle support - added support for mission DMLs to include so called fingerprints, data that can link a DML to a particular mission (because mission filenames are often the same for different OMs/FMs) - added support for mission DMLs to be bundled in dbmods subdirectories - added support for DMLs to request additional OSMs and to reference objects by name - added support to navigate book pages with left/right arrow and page up/down keys - and more...Drom Ed: - fixed bug that reversed the OSM load order each time a mission was saved - fixed editor lockup when setting Texture Anim Data rate to 0 - fixed updates after changing Texture Anim Data property in edit mode so it doesn't require reportalization - fixed bug with reconstruct_lights command, it falsely created a brush light for the first anim light object - fixed inconsistencies with "AI-Pathable object", it used the property value in some places but not others, now it always uses it - fixed bug with "Particle Launch Info" that caused "Loc unrotated?It fixes a handful of mostly smaller, but also some more serious, issues. Consider v1.19 obsolete and do not use it any more.Various documentation has been updated and extended; it's recommended that you browse through them again even if you're already familiar with them from a previous update.

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T2 and its resources/executables are the property of Eidos/Square Enix.

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