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My email is [email protected] for me I spent less than half a quarter in the Walden Ph D program and transferred to a not-for-profit graduate school with both an online program and a brick and mortar facility.I had a nightmare with the "advisors" and I simply could not see paying major money for a Walden degree that I would not even want to display.My second chair quit and my first chair resigned because I complained about her reviews. I have been attending Walden since 2009 and was assured at that point that I would graduate by 2012-2013 depending upon the Capstone project I planned.

I began my Dissertation to have my Chair leave the University. She took three months to reply to anything I submitted! Still working on the dissertation and the University fails to acknowledge that there was any wrongdoing on their's "my problem" and I'm certainly paying for it! Walden has held me at the proposal point in my Ph D for three years.i am an educator in higher education myself and I would never treat students this way. There is a class action in progress and it has over 30 students.If a class action suit is in progress I would happily jump in. I have read all the comments, and I must admit, I was waiting on one of the comments to be positive. Because I am sitting on my bed, in Japan, working on my proposal, which has been approved by my committee chair, but has been declined by the URR review person, who, by the way, didn't respond to my proposal for 3 months. Has anyone sued and won for what apparently at deceptive practices at Walden University aimed at draining financial aid and leaving students in debt with no degree? Contact [email protected] story is as repetitive as sentences on the forum page.Walden has some pluses (online library is great) but I would have to advise anyone to stay away (unless you like dealing with institutions you owe money to and treat you like a major bank would).Please see the following report by Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa.

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