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As everyone knows, Tiger Woods is fastidious about the propriety of his romantic liaisons.So imagine his horror when a story appeared on the Daily Mail Web site on Thursday suggesting that he might still be dating an ex-girlfriend.The subjects were asked questions about their current relationships as well as whether they were friends with exes, then given a questionnaire to determine narcissistic and psychopathic qualities.

The actor was cleared of the allegations and in January he and Ange agreed to use a private judge in their divorce case.

Psychopathy, a subcategory of antisocial personality disorder, is a psychological term often used to refer to those who display personality traits such as narcissism, sadism, selfishness, lack of empathy, and/or superficial charm.

While all people can display characteristics such as selfishness, psychopaths often display a complete lack empathy - a sign their actions are purely self-motivated.

Many times they are no longer attracted to one another, are both in other relationships and respect those respective partners.

This is not always an easy thing to do but it can happen and it’s important not to think that all exes who want to stay friends have psychopathic tendencies or motivations.” But if your significant other has maintained close relationships with their exes and seems a little too charming, you may want to consider this new research a warning.

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