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When a packet is sent to an IP that isn't in a local subnet, the routing table is consulted to find a machine on the local network that can reach the destination network, and packets are sent using the MAC of the router.

I once used this trick to set up a DMZ for a client, with the machine between the segments doing firewalling.

Now ping that IP address, you should see some ARP packets go by.

IP addresses are used to figure out the MAC address to send to using ARP. When you try to ping an IP address on your local network, say, your system has to turn the IP address into a MAC address.

Any machine with the requested IP address will reply with an ARP packet that says "I am", and this includes the MAC address which can receive packets for that IP. ( at :2c:d4:f7 [ether] on vlan241 [...] An entry for the IP address can be deleted from the ARP table using the command "arp -d".

In the case where multiple machines have the same IP address, you may get multiple responses. The next time a packet needs to go to that IP, a new ARP negotiation will be done.

Normally, ARP "is-at" replies, which cause machines to update their ARP tables, are sent in response to an ARP "who-has" request packet.

However, if an IP address changes the MAC address it is at, for example if you move a service from one machine to another, other machines on that subnet will continue to cache the old value for some period of time.

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