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"She is five-and-a-half months pregnant now, but they are not dating," one source told the Daily News.

In classic Hollywood fashion, he also claimed that he only had a few drinks that night but then of course said later that he didn't remember what happened.In addition to his new role as a father, Hirsch has also taken to satirising fellow star Shia Labeouf's performance art piece #IAMSORRY where he declares himself no longer famous with both a paper bag mask and a series of tweets.Anna Sophia Robb, 20, star of The Carrie Diaries, attended two events over two days - the Creative Coalition's Gala and the White House Correspondents dinner - and reportedly chatted the nights away with 29-year-old actor Emile Hirsch.Related: Audio Tapes Of Corey Naming His Abusers In 1993 Have Been Located By Authorities Now sources tells us exclusively these girls have been threatening to make this kind of attack for months -- and warn not to trust it. According to these sources, there is "photographic evidence that these girls worship Satan." Not to mention: [ People are unfollowing us on Instagram because of our #Kardashian spoof photos. AND a special guest at the end that steals the show! Watch this video in full HERE: https://goo.gl/LDiy2q Today, we also cover Ricky Martin's surprise wedding!

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