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Away from the coast, southern cooking with fried chicken, green beans, yellow squash, okra, and biscuits became the staple food. Then the pastry was closed in the shape of a half moon, sealed at the edges, and fried in deep fat.

The pies were dusted with powdered sugar and eaten hot.

This pocket watch commemorates the 1980 Olympic Games which were held in Moscow.

These games were infamous for the large number of countries which boycotted the event following the Soviet Union's involvement in Afghanistan.

The Molnija clock and watch factory is located in Chelyabinsk in Russia.

During the Second World War, the city was apparently dubbed "Tankograd" due to the large number of military factories in the area.

I know very little about it apart from the fact that it's gorgeous!

:-) It was made in Great Britain probably in the 1950's I would think and, thanks to the accompanying Smiths plastic stand, it also doubles as a neat little mantle or desk clock!

They are not comprehensive; nor are they presented in a standardized format containing exactly the same information for each state, as you would find in an encyclopedia.

Fillings for these delicate half-moon pastries were usually fruit...peaches or peach butter." ---Taste of the States: A Food History of America, Hilde Gabriel Lee [Howell Press: Charlotteseville VA] 1992 (p.

103-4) "Official" state foods are enacted by the legislature. White corn meal 1 tablespoon butter 1 scant teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon salt Beat the eggs very light, and mix alternately with them the buttermilk and the corn meal; add salt and the butter, which has been melted, and beat well.

By the middle of the 1700s, Mobile had become well-established, and exotic foods and drinks were gracing the dinner tables.

Pale wine made from native grapes and oranges; peaches baked in sugar-crust tarts; baked, stuffed Gulf snapper; and and endless variety of aromatic soups and sauces were being served.

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