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Memorial day since 2000, commemorations are held in high schools.

Commemorating the anniversary of the 1849 execution of the 13 Martyrs of Arad after the defeat of the Hungarian Independence War.

975 – 15 August 1038), as the first king of Hungary, led the country into the Christian church and established the institutions of the kingdom and the church.

He was canonized on 20 August 1083, and 20 August is his feast day.

Labour Day coincides with May Day (majális); many attend outdoor festivities in public parks.

Since 2004 it is also the anniversary of the accession to the EU. Stephen's Day, also the day of the Foundation of Hungary and "the day of the new bread". Stephen of Hungary (Szent István király in Hungarian) (ca.

This brings on a whole family community of marriage counselors, business partners and close friendships.

This familial cohesion can support and mitigate a difficulties in marriage. Hungary never had a feminist movement because women were always respected by and equals to men.

This is likely because married couples have clearly defined roles: the man is the man and the woman the women.

St Stephen's Day (August 20) is celebrated with sporting events, parades and fireworks nationwide.

On the same day there is a Floral Festival in Debrecen and a Bridge Fair in nearby Hortobágy.

Also, there is no economic benefit to divorce your spouse.

After you marry a Hungarian you become a part of “The Family”, which is tight-knit, to say the least.

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(Real rabbits are sometimes gifted.) The day's meal is often ham, eggs, and sweetbreads for dinner.

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