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Mike found school incredibly easy due to his photographic memory, and rarely put any effort into studying.

He got a scholarship into college and had planned to take up law, until he was expelled after Trevor convinced him to memorize a math test, as a way to make money, and unknowingly sold the answers to the Dean's daughter.

In Darien, Jennings proceeded to pull out a pen knife and stab the driver in the hands. new study of entry-level investment bankers finds the young masters of the universe afflicted with "insomnia, alcoholism, heart palpitations, eating disorders and an explosive temper." And that's the young ones. There are lots of safer activities than investment banking. Even more so when you consider what crybabies bankers are. , the company's notorious rigid management has "kicked off an internal probe" on the matter.

has some tips "for the women out there who are dating or would like to be dating a man on Wall Street." And sure, you read what she has to say (tip number five: "Be Sexy")... And then he follows you to London, breaks into your apartment, steals candlesticks, pretends to be an Israeli secret agent, and puts a tracking device in your bag. Did you think that, maybe, a growing month-long protest directed against the financial services industry would make investment bankers and money managers start to question themselves? After reportedly trying—and failing—to get Twitter to freeze the account, Goldman is now "investigating who is behind it.

or you could take the advice of a Wall Street Men themselves. If you are unfamiliar with the specifics of the Penn State scandal, you may be under the impression that the real victims are the children who were allegedly raped and otherwise abused by assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. They believe it is an intern or a young gun, but there are enough facts on the feed for bosses to suspect it is someone with access inside the company." "Greed, greed, and more fucking greed." We've all heard the schpiel about how we got into this economic mess plenty of times (maybe not enough), but have you heard it from a true Irishman, accent and all?

reproducing the insane 1,600-word letter from an investment analyst demanding that a woman he went on a single date with apologize for leading him on, we figured we'd open it up to our readers for more stories from the front lines of romance in the financial industry. noted that financial professionals make horrible boyfriends.

When he was 7, he met Tess who became his high school sweetheart before she left for college.

He became a legal consultant and supervisor at the Eastside Legal Clinic in Queens, although his time there was brief as he attempted to get accepted into the New York State Bar to become a legitimate lawyer.

In the season 6 finale, Mike becomes legitimate and resumes his position of junior partner at Pearson Specter Litt while also maintaining his ties to the legal clinic. He was then taken in by his paternal grandmother, Edith Ross.

Whilst making the delivery, Mike realized that it was actually a set up and took off with the briefcase in hand.

Attempting to hide from the cops, he stumbled into the room where the interviews for Harvey Specter's associate was being held.

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