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Preferences Tweaks: improves network speed, page rendering, memory usage and fixes some common issues.

Bar Tab: this nice extension allows to prevent tabs from loading the page content until they are needed.

In here i am showing the latest version 43 Link :firefox ftp site Here is what I found works best: Download it from and extract it (to wherever you want).

It creates a folder called "firefox" and in that folder there is a file called "firefox".

See also: You can either go to Firefox page and download the latest.

But is not so simple in this case, due to radical changes in the UI and the extension API of Firefox 4.

So even with the compatibility check disable, several extensions won't work at all or could break other extensions and even Firefox.

So if you usually start Firefox with several tabs, this will save memory space and improve startup time and responsiveness.

Better Cache: this extension allows to better control how Firefox handle the content cache, allowing to avoid constantly reloading pages and elements, thus reducing page display time considerably.

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